Some warm up sketches and drawings from this morning

Some warm up sketches and drawings from this morning

Ice (Tora Olafsdotter) for daily sketch challenge. Had a lot of fun drawing this and I really like how her face looks, which isnt very clear on the full body so i included a close up too.

Some rough digital sketches, gestures mostly, some assassins creed in there too, just  playing through ac4 at the moment.

Don’t listen to that much indie music but I’m really liking this song. Very chilled and relaxing.

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Danger-00:01 (ft.Vyle)

One and only!

Short head sketches from imagination, Just wanted to sketch something after spending so long looking at references.

Finally finished with this! Sorry for long post but I’m pretty proud of it and wanted to show all the steps.

First time I’ve really tried to paint something this finished looking, I was determined to work out how to get a smooth blended but also sharp finish and I think i managed. Learned a lot working on it and was good fun to paint even if I felt like giving up at times, was worth pushing through with it. Will probably play around with effects and stuff another day.

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New Power Glove remix! So dark, love that bass sound.

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Pusher - Islands, Waves, Caves, & Sky

Essentially a remix of wave racer’s streamers, both great tracks. So upbeat.

Still a wip. Just a little experiment with blending. I really don’t know how to blend smoothly very well in photoshop, if I use and airbrush or soft brush it just seems to look like a mess. So I know Sai has very soft brushes I find easier to blend with, so I saved a copy and used sai brushes for like 5 minutes and theres the before and after. Seems Ill have to use sai to blend more often, makes a huge difference. Also amped the colours up a bit.

Would like to know how to blend better in photoshop though, but atleast I have the option of sai. Anyone have any photoshop blending tips?

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